Thursday, November 8, 2012

Introducing Miss Hunny Bee

I am a Fantabulous mother of two!! I am also an erotic fiction author and Dramatic writer!! In my early 30s, I'm beginning my sexual peak and look forward to exploring my sexuality!!

Genital Piercings

Body modifications, ESPECIALLY genital piercings, seem to be on the rise these days!! How far is TOO far to go??

Oral SexXx Creator

Hello Everyone!! WelCUM 2 Oral SexXx and please CUM WELL!! I'm Kelli KockTailz, creator of Oral SexXx!!

I am a SUPER sexXxy 30 something year old lesbian mother of two and horny partner of one!! Erotic poetry is my hobby & performing is my favorite pastime!!

Oral SexXx started as a Facebook FanPage, just an outlet for connecting and sharing with like minded people! Almost one year later, here we are!! Thanks for joining me and my WONDERFUL team of Adminz!! I look forward to interacting with you!!!


One of the MANY benefits of expanding our shenanigans to include OTHER avenues of social networking is we're FREE to post nudity and other forms of adult content HERE!!!

Friends With Benefits

....And since u were AWESOME enuf to visit our new blog....I dont mind taking one for the team!!!

**Ground Breaking News**

There has been a MAJOR discrepancy as to the meaning of the term Y.O.L.O.!!! Do NOT be misinformed!!!

Imaginary Rule #5

We don't have rules, but if we DID, this most certainly, would be ONE of them!!